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Metrics XP is a cutting edge application that tracks data from workouts to wellness and accurately forecasts health risks for athletes of all levels.


The System

Metrics XP collects multiple data points from pro, collegiate and high school athletes through an easy to use interface. The comprehensive tracking system uses a series of algorithms to forecast physical and mental health risks in real time.

Metrics XP also provides athletes, coaches and staff with an internal communication system and tools to ensure the timely exchange of information.

Designed to work across multiple devices, users can access the system from wherever they are.



Check in. Analyze Results.

Quick daily check-ins are pegged against baselines to deliver insight on injury, burnout, illness and other outcome risks.



Prevent Potential Injuries

Metrics XP serves as an early warning system that is used to prevent health and wellness issues from occurring in users.



Schedule with Ease

Schedule workouts and recovery days, set milestones and goals, and communicate directly  all within the system.

Coaches Features


Metrics XP provides detailed diagnostics for coaches and support staff to monitor regular training sessions, injury recovery and overall wellness. The fine-grained permissions feature allows for the customization of access levels available to coaches and support staff.

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Daily Athlete Profile

Metrics XP provides valuable actionable insight to the busiest of support staff members. By emailing risk profiles on an as-flagged basis. Metrics XP saves coaches and their support staff dozens of hours each year managing crises.



By learning what constitutes a risk factor for illness and Injury, Metrics XP's automated, industry-leading algorithms are able to detect warning signs before any physical & performance declines show or become issues.


Insight Recovery Patterns 

Metrics XP wellness indicators are broken down into 4 categories: Physical, Nutrition/Hydration, Recovery, and Psychological. By showing deviations in recovery across periods, support teams are able to see how standalone events in their athletes' lives affect their health.


File Storage Distribution

Gone are the days of needing to send itineraries, nutrition plans, and testing results by email.  With integrated file storage and sharing capabilitiies, Metrics XP acts as the central communication and storage hub for coaches, support staff and athletes.


Session Scheduling

Metrics XP integrates with multiple scheduling formats and allows various coaches, support staff and athletes to be on the same pages. Sessions input into Metrics XP automatically pre-fill session descriptions for athletes, thus making logging even more of a breeze.



Metrics XP’s HIPAA compliance and internal controls, provide assurance of safeguards that securely protect all sensitive information, and ensure adherence to privacy and health software requirements..

Athlete Features


Metrics XP helps athletes set goals and track their progress while warning them of potential injuries. With logging reminders and and injury alerts, athletes can easily keep coaches and training staff up-to-date on progress and setbacks.

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Improve Accountability

Metrics XP automatically alerts athletes either by SMS or in the app at a time of their choosing to fill in their log.



Metrics XP provides the athlete with alerts of potential injury and general health risks based on various data points.



Upon learning what causes burnout and illness in their athletes, coaches and staff are able to utilize Metrics XP’s powerful insight tools to modify the athlete’s daily routine.



Logging activity typically takes less than 90 seconds per day. Metrics XP experiences a higher compliance rate than industry standards.



Athletes may create as many goals as needed and they can monitor goal progress in their sessions or within personal notes.



Metrics XP’s HIPAA compliance and internal controls, provide assurance of safegaurds that securely protect sensitive information, and ensure adherence to privacy and health software requirements.



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