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Founded by a lifelong professional athlete, Metrics XP is a group of integrated experts dedicated to training, treatment and long-term injury prevention.  



Our Philosophy

Each athlete's body is unique, that's why we cater an individualized plan for them within the team setting. Our professionals assess and manage all variables that affect an athlete’s performance and craft a program that's specific to their body's needs.



Meet Our Pros

Our team knows the toll that pain can take on athletes’ bodies, not to mention the impact an injured player can have on a season. Fortunately, with more than 70 years of combined experience, our experts also know how to alleviate and even avoid complications in order to keep high performers at the top of their game. Find out more about each member below.


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Metrics XP partnered with LOGIT AI to develop a cutting edge application that tracks data from workouts to wellness and accurately forecasts health risks for athletes for all levels.